Helping you transform your life into the healthy happy one you only dreamed of in 90 days

Welcome to Mind Body God!

I help women turn their ashes into beauty and live the happy healthy lives they dreamed of – mind, body, and spirit through professional coaching and natural remedies. 


I’m Heather

I’ve been around too many blocks with way too many nuts to explain it all here. As we get to know one another, you’ll learn all about me.

I hold certification as a Grief Coach, Joy Restoration Coach, Wellness Coach, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Coach. I am also an ordained Prison Pastor.

You can learn more about me on my About page.


How I Help

Free 3- Day Challenge

Break Free From Overwhelm Analysis Paralysis

In 3 days or less, you will have the ultimate tool to be ten times more productive by freeing up your mind and removing the analysis paralysis blocks.

You will get daily easy-to-do personalized tools that will free your mind and turn your vision into reality.

Brave Transformation Coaching 

The one thing I wish I had back when I lost everything was a great Coach! I felt lost, overwhelmed, scared, and had a whole lot of undesired emotions. I spent a few years frozen and spiraling further away from the life I once knew and liked. I sought help in all the wrong places and finally, I saw a flyer for a meeting a Life Coach was teaching at. That was the first day of my new life, a life I love.

I can help you transform your life into the healthy happy one you dream of in 90 days.

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What People Are  Saying

* Please note that unless mentioned, all names have purposely been changed to protect clients’ privacy.

Heather is a healer of people

Heather is a phenomenal healer of people who have been hurt by the church.

She is an outstanding person to help others.

She has first-hand knowledge in helping others and she is amazing.

I totally support her in helping others.

Her personality is one that will make you feel comfortable in sharing your heart.



Freddie Power – Author, Speaker,  Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Founder of Keeping Hope Alive

I Highly Recommend Heather

Godly wisdom is the mind of God…and Heather is one who walks in wisdom based on her own journey of healing through past abuse and religious trauma. I have watched her navigate her own walk into much freedom from spiritual and emotional grief over the years. I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather through my own ministry as a Life Purpose Coach, for over 15 years, both professionally and personally. She is a valiant defender of truth who walks in integrity and love, borne out of a deeply intimate relationship with God. Heather has a unique gift of leading others into balanced healing, not only from past trauma from religious zealots, but incorporating that healing into the soul, and body as well. I would highly recommend Heather’s ministry of grief and healing Coaching to anyone looking for hope and help in re-establishing confidence in themselves as a precious child of our Creator, and who wants to reclaim a healthy vision of our loving, healing Savior, outside the box of destructive and restrictive church legalism.

Dixie Diamanti, CLPC, Author, Speaker

Heather listens and learns about you and then....


How To Have More Energy

In this short video, I give you a few tips on how to have more energy. This is a follow-up video to the live I recently did in my free group. We can be exhausted mentally, physically, and spiritually. Stress leads to overwhelm and feelings of exhaustion. Stay...


If you are overwhelmed, you are not alone. Most people at some point in their lives have struggled with overwhelm. Why? Feeling overwhelmed is most often a trauma response. If you've followed me for any length of time, you know that trauma is common and not a one size...


5 Signs You're Dealing with Church Trauma and You don't even know it! 

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