10 Secrets to Lasting Success

When we finally make the decision to change an area in our life, we want to do it successfully. The voices of discouragement start when we're still in the decision-making process. If they can't stop us before we begin our journey of change, they gather all the ammo they can and hit us hard the day we plan on starting. How many times have you set a start date and it seems like all the powers of hell try to stop you? I know it's happened to me many times. Here are a few tips to help you succeed and maintain your new-found life.

1. Write down your why and keep it with you. It can be hard to remain in the right frame of mind when "life happens." Having your why in front of you is a powerful tool to help you press through. Take your time and go into detail. Don't leave it at, I want to lose 30 pounds so I look great for holiday pictures. That's great but what other benefits will there be? How will it affect the key areas in your life; short-term and long-term. Keep this with you and read it often.

2. Imagine it. Visualize how you will look, feel, what your life will be like in one month. In three months and in one year. Results are a great motivational tool, so dream often.

3. Keep a journal. Start with Your present you. How you look, feel, etc. Record what it is you want to change and your why. This is also a great place to write out step #2. Keeping a record of your progress is helpful too. For example, writing down how you feel before you exercise and then again after you finish a workout.

4. Make it a priority. If it's losing weight, make a date with yourself. Block out time weekly for food prep and daily for exercise.

5. Have a solid plan and action steps. Get your tools, programs, support in place so it's as simple as can be. Example; Just because you bought the gym membership doesn't mean you know what to do when you get there. What exercises will benefit you and help you reach your goal. It takes more than time on the treadmill. You need a plan and a program.

6. Have a support team. Spend time with friends who value a healthy lifestyle. Depending on what your goal is, you may want to get a Coach so you have the help you need.

7. Force yourself to take the first step. As Nike says, "Just Do It!"

8. Don't get discouraged. It's important to make a long-term commitment. There are no quick fixes with the ability to return to old habits. You'll notice a positive difference in a short time but creating healthy habits takes time. The rewards are priceless.

9. Celebrate milestones along the way. Get a massage or do something you enjoy to celebrate your progress. Stay away from rewarding yourself with junk food.

10. Practice gratitude,  look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself that...

You're Worth it!

With Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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