3 Tips to Reaching Your Fitness Goals

I'm coming to you today with no make-up and windblown hair, lol. I wanted to share a few tips on how to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Tip #1 Choose a time of day that works for you. One that fits into your schedule at least 5 days a week and that works with your body clock. Guard this time like your life depends on it, because it does! We are designed to live an active life, therefore, we have to exercise on a regular basis to maintain health; Body, Mind & Spirit. We don't work the ground and hunt any longer to put food on the table, we sit behind desks or stand on our feet all day. Get the picture?

Tip #2 Find a workout buddy, fitness Coach, Personal Trainer. Someone that will hold you accountable until you've made it a habit. If you find your daily walks aren't helping you, you may be walking to slow or not going far enough. A buddy can help you pickup the pace and push you little. Even at the gym, we can set the treadmill speed to low or stop to soon.

Tip #3 Build an exercise DVD collection at home. This is my absolute favorite way to get in a great workout (besides hiking)! They come in all fitness levels, different types of exercises, great music, energy, and various lengths. By having a collection, you can get in great workout in 25 minutes without spending time getting to the gym or trail. You can even exercise while looking your worst and feel like a million bucks in the end. They also come with calendars that plan workouts for you. It makes it so simple!

I know these tips will help you, I want you to succeed in all your health and fitness goals, you are amazing!

With Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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