6 Tips to a Stress Free Vacation

As much as we love vacations, they can be stressful. We look forward to relaxing, hoping to come home refreshed from the perfect vacation. How many times have you come home thinking you need a vacation from your vacation? I know I've been there. Especially when you've made a commitment to change your eating habits and live a healthy life. I've put together a few tips that will help ease that vacation stress.

1. The truth will set you free! Write this down. You will be faced with temptations to eat a myriad of junk food and your old favorites. You'll be tempted to spend more money than you budgeted for. Some part of your plan will probably change to some degree, so if you're one to make a plan and you freak if it's not adhered to, this is for you. You get the point. Being realistic upfront will help ease your mind. If you're on your dream vacation knowing it's not going to be perfect ahead of time, you'll be more relaxed. I'm not saying to expect the worst to happen. I'm saying, be realistic!

2. When you're eating out, make the healthiest choice you can and still enjoy your meal. Feel free to order a few side dishes to create your meal. Things like a side salad with steamed veggies and some fruit would be a great choice. Choose restaurants that have healthier options. If you stop at a fast food place, your options for a decent meal are zero. You'll walk away feeling gross and bad about yourself. Choose wisely.

3. Pack healthy snacks. When I go to Tahoe for vacation, there isn't a healthy restaurant on the way, so I pack enough food that I don't have to stop to eat. I pack raw nuts, seeds, fruit and maybe some raw veggies. The idea is to be prepared just in case. Take a few minutes and look up restaurants online and plan. This also eliminates the "what should we do for dinner" saga.

4. Don't wait until last-minute to pack and plan details. You don't want to start your vacation tired and stressed from trying to get everything done the day before. Make a To-Do list and pick 1 or 2 things a day, starting a week before you leave. It's nice to have everything packed and planned,  leaving a day for rest. Save the day before you take off for last minutes and relaxing. No more pulling your hair out to get on the road.

5. Don't plan on "being bad," or "blowing off your diet" just because you're going on vacation. That's old diet mentality that needs to be left in the past. Choose to do your best and don't worry about the rest. Do you really want to come back from vacation having to lose additional weight or feeling defeated and bad about yourself? No one wants that. It may seem like there's freedom in "being bad," but that's a lie. There's freedom in choosing health and sticking to your plan as best you can!

6. Have fun and a sense of humor!

You're Worth It!

With Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health Coach

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