7 Weight Loss Tips That Will Change Your Life!

When was the last time you tried a "Diet"? It's been over 10 years for me. It seems like every time I turn around there's another fad diet program or pill promising to give you your dream body by the end of the month. The truth is, you might lose a few pounds or even a lot of weight, but most likely you'll gain it all back. Statistically, you'll gain it all back plus more and your health will suffer. That's serious stuff! When I say your health will suffer, I'm not only talking physical but emotional as well. How do you feel when you put those pounds back on? Not good! Maybe you feel like a huge ugly failure. Like giving up? Then the vicious cycle starts all over again. Feeling bad about yourself, eating poorly, negative self talk, health declines further, an invitation to an event comes in the mail, tell yourself once again that you're fat, search for a diet or pill, deny yourself, starve yourself, lose some weight, still not feeling great about yourself, health hasn't improved, health is still declining, event is over, you celebrate with eating what you want, months go by and you've put the weight back on. GET OFF THAT DESTRUCTIVE ROLLER COASTER! YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Here are some tips to help you lose weight and keep it off.

1.It's time to have a serious heart to heart with yourself. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to view yourself differently than you have most of your life. How do you see yourself? What caused the weight gain? Be honest with yourself and write it all down, pour it all out. Next, you need to change your mind about yourself and how you approach weight loss. Are you willing to make a commitment to do this?

2. Make a decision to seek health, not losing weight. Once you've made a commitment to get healthy and stick to it, you'll lose all the weight you need to.

3. Throw your weight loss books away along with any weight loss pills! Most pills and even some that claim to be natural are dangerous. Fad diets are dangerous. You can't starve yourself for the rest of your life and expect to live healthy.

4. Stop with the "fat" talk! You can't expect to be happy, healthy and at a good weight by telling yourself you're fat and need to lose weight all the time. You might be fat now, but if you're willing to make a few lifestyle changes, you won't be for long. Try telling yourself that. Make declarations like, "I love my self; body, mind and spirit!" "I'm healthy and whole!" "I'm chose life, health and to put in my body only that which will nourish and fuel me!" Get the idea?

5. Eat healthy! You'll need to learn how to do this. A good place to start is to buy "Real Food." Lots of fresh organic or pesticide free fruits and vegetables. Read the ingredients. If you can't pronounce it, don't put it in your body. Adopt a plant-based way of eating.

6. Exercise! Find something you enjoy doing and do it! Take a walk everyday. Not a stroll, a brisk walk. If exercise is something you hate or view as a negative, change your mind. You'll need help with this. Exercise is key to health and happiness! It's not an option!

7. Work with a Health/Wellness Coach! You're changing your life and a good Coach will be an invaluable tool during your transition. I would be honored to Coach you!

Weight loss is so much more than dieting. It's a Mind, Body God thing!

You're Worth It!

With Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Wellness Coach

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