A Bite of Freedom

The other day as I was driving over to visit my son, I was thinking and praying about what I'll speak on this year. It's a 2+ hour drive so I thought I would put the time to good use. My message always leads to freedom and restoration of some sort. My heart and greatest passion is to help people get free and healthy. That's the short version. Today I want to share with you one huge key to freedom.

I was always the skinny girl who could eat whatever she wanted until my mid thirties when I blew up like balloon. I would hear back then and even now, "It must be nice to eat whatever you want and still be skinny" or "I wish I could be as free as you are and eat what I want without consequence" Have you heard that before? I'm sure you have. You might have even said it or something like it. Anyway, as I was driving along I began to hear those words and I could see how the lies build upon one another and the results of believing the lies that so many of us have been taught.

Let's start with where some of those lies come from. Media. Nestle sure isn't going to use a model who is sick, tired, fat and stressed-out to sell you their cookies. We wouldn't buy them. Instead, they use skinny, healthy looking, beautiful and happy looking people. The truth is that those models often starve themselves, use drugs, over exercise, and are digitally enhanced. There are some who eat healthy and take care of themselves. They aren't sitting around eating whatever they want all day everyday. Before I gained my weight, I was thin and for years I ate whatever I wanted but it led to sickness and weight gain.

So the lie is that freedom isn't in being able to eat whatever you want or drink whatever you want or to not exercise or to take the magic pill and you'll be fine.

The truth is that true freedom is the discipline to say no to what will cause your body, mind & spirit damage. That's freedom. I get asked often when I go out to eat with people if there's anything on the menu I can eat. The truth is, I could eat anything I wanted from any menu or any restaurant but I have the freedom to choose healthy food. I can happily say no to the bite of cake that's being passed my way and not care if I offend someone. While I'm on that note, if someone is offended by my choosing what is healthy and good for my body, mind & spirit, then they really aren't anyone I want in my circle. I want people who are for me. If they aren't for me, they're against me and I walk in enough freedom to know that they are someone to be loved from across the street.

Most people just don't know the truth yet or they don't want to change and they want you to stay stuck with them. Don't buy into that either. Freedom is a beautiful thing and you're worth it!

With love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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