A Unique Journey

God created me to be a leader, not a follower. I believe that great leaders are also great followers. That's another story. I'm an entrepreneur rather than an employee. I stand up for what I believe, is right, the outcast and 80's butt rock. I tend to speak my mind which has gotten me in hot water more than a few times. Of course I'm much more than that but I'm not writing a book today, just sharing my heart with you.

I've spent a great part of my life trying to live in boxes and barely surviving. Striving to be what others wanted me to be and do what they thought was best for me and I felt like a failure.  It stole many years of living life as who God created me to be all because I wanted to fit in and please people who were either threatened, jealous or didn't like me. It made me miserable and opened the door to so much emotional and physical junk that it took me years to figure out who I was and what flavor cake I liked and to feel good about it.

I became a victim for a season. I didn't play that role well.  Ugh, it was the worst. Nobody likes a victim, not even another victim. It's competition for them.

I always wanted to help people, ever since I was little. The problem with that is, far too many unhealthy people are out there trying to do the same and it becomes a toxic mess. So I decided that I needed to get well before I could help others. Of course I'm not perfect, thank God, but I'm not a victim and I refuse to let anyone put me in a box and tell me I can't when I know I can.

I'm also a real person. I am who I am and that's pretty amazing. I still struggle at times with those old voices that say I should be different but don't worry, I kick 'em to the curb.

God created you in a very special way. You are perfectly and fearfully made, set apart. You were never meant to live in a box, wear a mask, be like someone else, look like someone else or be a victim. The world needs you. You have a God ordained purpose on this earth that only you can fulfill, not you hiding under a mask or in a box, but you living free to be all He created you to be. Flaws and all.

If I can do it, so can you. Let's be all that God created us to be together.

Love ya,


Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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