Changing The Channel On Life

A few years ago I decided I wanted to move. I didn't want to move across town or to a neighboring city, but I wanted a big change. I felt like my time was up where I was living. I felt stuck and like I could only go so far even if I gave a bazillion percent. in all areas of life and tried to fit with a tribe I didn't belong in. I love to have fun and the last thing I would say to someone at the end of my time on earth is that I wished I would've worked more or that I'm glad i worked 60 hours a week and missed out on enjoying life with people who actually love me.  So my search for the perfect place began.

I had researched and tried to move to a few places I knew I would enjoy and would allow me to see my kids and grand babies easily but it didn't work out for one reason or the other. Try, try, try again until you find it; that's what I did. I'm sure my friends and family thought I was crazy when I would tell them my thoughts on where I was moving and then change my mind but I've spent too many years trying to please people. That's different story, which I will tell another day. Anyway, the time came that my time with my job was ending which also meant I would have to move out of my house too. Yet another complete start over and I figured I could go small and be unhappy or I could take the biggest risk and trust God that He would meet all my needs.

God is so gracious. He knows us so well, even better than we know ourselves. That is a great thing! An opportunity came around for me to take a 3 month trip clear across the country to a place that wasn't even on my radar. After agonizing over whether it was the right thing to do or not, I decided to spend a bunch of money and go for it. Remember the job ending thing? Yes, not the best time to spend thousands of dollars right? When the deep end calls, it's time to jump.

I went, met some amazing people, traveled with new and old friends all around ministering for 3 months. It was great, scary, frustrating and I missed my family way too much. I went home thinking I was going to stay close to them and after several months of prayer, misery, joy and other emotions, I'll leave to your imagination, I decided I was moving. When I say the deep end calls, I'm talking deep. I moved in a straight line clear across the country. Not a drive away but 2 plane rides away. That's what I tell my Granddaughter when she asks where I am.

If you feel like your time's up where you are, like your not thriving in several areas of life, sick and tired of feeling like you don't fit in; MOVE! Trust God and move. Your best life awaits you.

Love ya,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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