Do We Really Need Supplements?

Do we really need to take supplements? With so much conflicting information out there, it's really hard to know the truth. Many medical doctors even tell their patients they don't need to take vitamins or if they do recommend a supplement, it's typically not a form you want to put in your body. So the question remains, do we need to take supplements and if so, what do I take? The answer is Yes! After years of research and study, I believe we all need to supplement our diets.

There are 2 factors that allow disease to take root in our bodies; Deficiency and toxicity. Deficiency means that our body is lacking a vitamin, mineral or something that hinders our immune system from functioning properly. The only way to reverse this is by giving our body what it's lacking. If it's vitamin C, you want to eat foods that are rich in naturally occurring vitamin C and find a great supplement to take. Toxicity means your body has toxins in it that are hindering your immune system and creating other problems. Toxins come from many different places; chemicals in our food, the air we breath, personal care products, parasites, candida, etc. Our bodies are designed with special filters and means to remove toxins but if there are too many and or our bodies are deficient, it becomes difficult for our body to work efficiently. One of my gifts is to simplify things, and I hope I've done that without being to technical.

Another reason we need to supplement is simply because our soil has also been depleted of essential minerals plants need to produce nutrient rich food for us to eat. The water used to irrigate is also many times deficient of valuable minerals and contains toxic chemicals that hinder the plants. Most store-bought fruits and vegetables are picked early to survive the processing time it takes to make it to the store shelf, where it sits even longer until you buy it. When picked to early, food lacks nutrients. So you can see that with just a few examples why we need to supplement our healthy diets with quality forms of vitamins and minerals.

We've also been told for many years now to avoid the sun and when we do have to be out to cover ourselves with sunscreen. This has led to a terrible epidemic of vitamin D deficiency which can lead to all kinds of diseases. It's important to be wise in how much time we spend outdoors unprotected and in choosing a non-toxic sunscreen. 15 minutes a day in the sun is good to get some vitamin D.

It's important to take safe supplements. I wrote an article awhile back on how to choose vitamins, take a minute to read it. It's valuable information. Here's a simple rule; If you can buy the supplement at a big box store, supermarket, drug store-Don't! Choose a whole-food source and avoid lab created forms. Also read the other ingredients list. Stay away from things you can't pronounce.

Don't let a parent fool you by telling you, "I've lived this long without taking that stuff." This is the first generation projected to die before their parents. Our parents and grandparents were raised on "real" food. Produce was already organic and most was locally grown. They also ate more foods that naturally contained probiotics and were much more nutrient rich than today. Just remember when deciding whether or not to supplement and eat healthy.....

You're Worth It!

With Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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