How Does Your Garden Grow?

Last week I went on my favorite local hike. At first glance, I noticed how low the lake is and where there was once water, and life,  is now dry dead bushes and trees. The big Cranes that used to live there are gone. It made me kind of sad. But then as I walked a little further and looked at Gods amazing creation, I saw the beauty, rather than the desolation.

I was amazed at how green the hills are despite the fact that California is in a serious drought. It only takes a little rain to green things up. The wild flowers are in full bloom and it's only the first of March.

Butterflies were everywhere and bees were buzzing about doing their job.

Further along the trail, there were several dry dead looking bushes but in their midst were also beautiful bright red wild flowers. I could have focused on the lake being low, the loss of wildlife, and the dead trees or I could focus on the green hills, the blooming wild flowers, the butterflies, the view from on top of one the highest mountains out to the ocean, the surrounding mountain ranges and the sheer vastness of Gods beauty. I chose to acknowledge the loss, the death, the effects of the drought but I chose to focus on the beauty of this incredible wild garden and the blessing.

Our lives are like gardens. We are like gardens. We have times of drought and during that time, certain things are meant to die off. We can think of it as a cleansing of sorts. There are times that our ground needs to be plowed and replanted. We need to take care of the weeds quickly before they get too big and choke out the flourishing, healthy plants.  What was once producing lots of great fruit becomes old and needs to be replaced with the new. It's an ongoing process and as we know, all gardens need nurture and tender loving care to thrive. Even the greatest, most beautiful of gardens isn't perfect.

So I ask you today, what state is your garden (your life) in? Are you choosing to focus on your beauty or your weeds? What weeds are growing that need to be pulled? Are there any thoughts, beliefs or people choking out life? Are there any areas that once produced great fruit but now need to be replaced with the new?

It's a great time to take a personal inventory, pull those weeds, get rid of the old dead past stuff and plant something new and life-giving. Care and nurture yourself; You're Worth It!

With love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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