Junk Food and Smokes

Who or what do you turn to when life gets tough? I'd like you to take a minute and think about a the last time you faced a storm in your life. Who was the first person you called? What was your emotional state? What did you turn to? Was it junk food, spending money you didn't have, alcohol or something else? It's easy to put on the smiley face and stick to our "healthy" plan when life is good but why do we revert back to the old "bad" habits the second it starts to rain on our parade? If you're up for it, grab your journal or a pen and paper and answer the above questions, honestly. This exercise could be the breakthrough you've been waiting for! 

Change starts with recognition. Recognizing there's a problem and what it is. That's half the battle. Then comes the decision to change and then taking the steps to make the change that will lead you into your transformation. That's the other half of the battle. So are you ready?

Back to our storm. I think a lot of us will say we turn to God first. I hope that's true but my guess is you also turn to something else. God may be the who but what is the what? Since we're being honest here, for me, when something really difficult happened I would turn to cigarettes and junk food. I also ended up in some pretty destructive relationships.

Now that you have your who and your what, let's go a step further. Actually, let's go deeper. When did you first turn to the who and the what? Were you a young child, a teen a young adult? My guess is you were a child. Take a minute and write down what happened that caused you to turn to your who and what.

Do you see when it all started? When I first did this exercise I was full of emotion; good, bad and the ugly. What happens when  life gets hard can be called a trigger. The storm, what ever it is, triggers something in us that causes us to turn to something that isn't good for us until we've dealt with the root cause and allowed God to heal us.

Invite God to come and heal you. He will. If you need help, Coaching would be a great resource for you.

So now you have your who, what and when it all started you can move on to the next step of change. Make a decision to be free and begin living a healthy life you love.

You're Worth It!

In Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health Coach

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