Leaving Part of Me Behind

Well I did it again. Yikes! I thought I could trade a part of me for a better life and after several months I realize that I'm just not willing to settle in any area of my life. I've been through too much, worked too hard and given up too many times to settle. So I'm getting my ducks in a row and Ruby and I are heading West. In case you're wondering who Ruby is, she's my jeep. Ruby the Rubicon. She was made for adventure, just like me.
I didn't give up anything I thought was immoral or a piece of me I couldn't live without, at least I thought. Nothing immoral, not like that. Although I entered into quite the religious area and religious I'm not. I love Jesus and hate religion, just like Him. I feel like I went from one place that tried to stuff me into a box to yet another one of the similar shape and size. Sure the bow was much prettier but all in all, it's the same box. I found I don't breathe well in a box.
I gave up hiking several times a week and a healthy lifestyle. Wow, even typing that reveals just how much I really gave up to come to a new place. There is a health food store kind of close, a gym in my apartment complex and I can get supplements online but finding like minded people is a rarity just like health food stores. Hiking is a day trip and I'm sorry but that's not going to work. Neither is becoming a gym goer. Never been a fan of the gym.
As you read this you might think I made the wrong decision, that I made a huge mistake. I didn't. I've learned a lot, met some great people that I know I'll be friends with forever, reconnected with some girls I absolutely love and I've been blessed to live in a great place. It's also taught me a different perspective on peoples idea of health and I've been able to learn how to overcome a different set of challenges than what I was used to which has enabled me to be a much better Wellness/Transformation Coach.
I am on to bigger and better things very soon. Stay tuned, I love to share my journey with you.

With love,
Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach


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