My Smoothie Revealed

Today I'm answering a couple most frequently asked questions. I recorded a video for you but I'm having technical issues so written format it is.

Question 1- What do you put in your smoothie? You hear me talk all the time about my smoothies. I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I think I've only missed a handful of days in the last 6 years. I've had a lot of different recipes over the years, some that tasted good and bad. Here's what I've always included. An organic vegan protein blend, enzymes, probiotics, a "greens" product, and maca. Of course I added fruits, veggies and nut milk and various other supplements. It was an ongoing experiment until I discovered Shakeology. I still stick to the vegan shakeology because vegan proteins are easier for our bodies to digest. I save time and lots of money by using Shakeology. My current "go to" recipe is 1.5 cups nut milk, 1 scoop vegan choc Shakeology, 1 medium banana, about 1/2 cup blueberries, and 4 large ice cubes. I put it all in my Vitamix and blend for a few seconds. It makes about 32 ounces. I no longer need to buy all my supplements separately and I don't need to add any additional supplements.

Question 2- What do you eat? In a nutshell, I eat real food. I began eating clean several years ago, then moved into a mostly raw vegan diet, then a more balanced plant-based diet. Here's what I don't eat or drink. No soda, caffeine, fruit juice unless it's grapefruit, sugar, processed foods, chemicals, GMOs, most animal products, fast food, and denatured or enriched flours. When I do eat animal products, they are hormone, antibiotic free, free range, grass-fed.

Question 3- How do you stay so healthy, skinny and young-looking? I eat healthy foods and about 4-6 times a day. I love food and eat plenty of it. I exercise and stay fit. Last year, I lost my grandma, started taking care of my grandpa, and had some other life changing events happen and I put fitness on the back burner. Everything changed for me. My sleep patterns, my skin, muscle tone, attitude, and more. I couldn't believe the difference. I won't do that again. I live a life of gratitude and set healthy boundaries. I've made God and living a healthy lifestyle my #1 priority.

I hope by answering your questions in a blog post, I'm helping many people live the ridiculously healthy happy lives we're meant to live.

You're worth it!

With Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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