There are several key areas in our lives that require balance in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Rest is a biggy in my book. I'm not just talking a day off from work, I'm talking being at peace. Being able to sleep in the boat while it's being tossed about in the storm. I would love to have that level of rest, but I'm a work in progress having yet to reach that goal. How well do you rest? Do you even know what rest is anymore?

Sleep is probably the first thing that came to mind when you think of rest. We need from 7-9 hours of good solid sleep every night. Unfortunately, many Americans are not getting the amount of quality sleep they need to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. Sleep deprivation can cause a whole host of health issues including mental health, heart problems, accidents, memory and more. If you're not getting enough sleep, try turning the computer and TV off a couple of hours before bed. Studies have shown they can keep you awake. Try reading, deep breathing, drinking a cup of herbal tea, keep a gratitude journal, limit caffeine to morning time.

Taking one day a week to rest, to re-create yourself. Resting is so important that God tells us to rest on the Sabbath. I think we tend to believe that just because we're not on the clock at work, we're resting. That's not true! We can find a number of things to busy ourselves with that prevent us from truly resting. Over committing is a huge rest breaker. Taking a day to do something you enjoy so  much that you feel refreshed is what a day of rest is all about. It can be a morning at the park with the family followed by an afternoon nap, a hike, laying on the beach, reading a good book, you choose. It's not by chance that the word recreate is in the word recreation. By taking this day of rest, the other areas of your life will heavily benefit from it.

Resting in the midst of the storm can be difficult. We tend to embrace the negative thoughts to the point of losing peace and sleep. Building a mountain of disaster out of dirt the gopher kicked up. The what if's, why's, the thoughts of impending doom that drive us to junk food and sleepless nights. We have to remember that some things are out of our control. We can only do what we know to do and surrender everything else. When Jesus and the disciples were in the boat during the huge storm, Jesus was asleep while everyone else was freaking out. We need to learn to stop freaking out and rest. Stress is known as the silent killer. Whatever storm you're going through, do what you can and then rest. Tell the thoughts to be silent and hope for the best!

You're Worth It!

With Love,

Heather Silva  

Heather Silva Wellness Coach

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