Sick, Fat, Tired and Stressed Out

There was a time in my life that I found myself sick, fat, tired and stressed out. My job was becoming more demanding and my personal life was just as stressful. Somehow I had taken a detour from eating what I thought was healthy,exercise and natural remedies.

What finally caught my attention was yet another trip to the doctor for anxiety. I had overcome panic attacks many years earlier but found myself burdened with anxiety once again. My cholesterol was high, I was just about 50 pounds over weight, stressed-out, migraines, digestive issues, gum disease, exhausted and miserable! That was 12 years ago. Thankfully, I had a doctor who told me I needed to make some serious life changes. He had watched my health decline over a short period of time (2 years) and  he only used his prescription pad for emergencies. He also knew I wouldn't take any medication unless there was no other alternative. Boy, have I come a long way back to health. I'm not going sugar coat it and say it was easy because it wasn't.

I spent time praying and soul-searching. I could have beaten myself up and played the victim but I knew that wouldn't get me where I wanted to  go. I felt led to leave my job and agreed to stay until they filled my position. Funny thing is, after 8 months my boss said to leave. Nobody wanted my district and she was transferring. That was a small step and later I realized that wasn't the source of my problems.

I started dieting. I did the high protein diet and felt horrible but I lost 2 whole pounds in 3 months. Then I tried the point system, measure everything diet. I'm not detail oriented enough and I didn't want to measure my waist, my butt or my food. I lost some weight but I still had health issues. The journey continued.

After much trial and error, I developed my own plan. 12 years later I'm happy and healthy. I lost the weight and have kept if off for several years. I'm not on any medications. My cholesterol is normal, no anxiety, and no digestive issues. My gum disease went away when dentists said it never would, it could only be managed.

Life hasn't been perfect the past 12 years either. Since then I've been through a terrible divorce, one of my children struggles with addiction and has been in and out of jail, I lost my home, a business and my Grand Mother who was also my best friend. So if I can go from sick, fat, tired and stressed-out to healthy, happy and living my God given purpose, you can too!

You're Worth It!

With Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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