Stairs of Transition

Are you climbing the stairs of transition or sitting at the bottom? Today I want to share a glimpse of my story with you. As a nation, we've been in a very difficult season and life has radically changed for many people. I believe it to be an opportunity to begin to live the radically happy healthy life of purpose we're designed to live.

A few years ago, life threw me a wrench. It wasn't the first, that's for sure. This one happened rather quickly and with tremendous loss. I was a business owner, home owner and I had a plan of where I wanted to go. I had come through a bad divorce a couple of years earlier and was looking forward to healing and living a peaceful prosperous life.

I was still building my business so I hadn't reached bliss yet. My original plan had been interrupted by divorce so I sold the business I owned and moved to be closer to family, opening a new one. What I hadn't factored into my plan was a recession. A couple of years later I was out of money and options. What was a dream fulfilled became an unexpected nightmare. I lost my business. I had my house on the market but I lost it six months later. I seemed to be a pioneer of sorts for a season as not many people were in my situation. Finding a job was very difficult and as a single mother, I was freaking out a bit! My dream was shattered and I  didn't have a clue what I was going to do. My ex-husband decided he wanted to take me back to court a few more times which led to more expenses and loss. My son was in jail and looking at prison time. He has a drug addiction he can't seem to kick. It's pretty safe to say, my life was a mess!

Being a follower of Jesus, I knew all I could do was pray and surrender. I surrendered my business that I loved, my home that I had only been in a short time, my credit score, finances and my children. I'm sure there was other things, like self-pity. One day, I came across an invitation to hear a Life Coach speak. As soon as I saw the flier, I knew I had to go. Once I heard her speak, I knew my life would never be the same, thank God!

It didn't take long for her and God to work their magic. Life became clear, the dreams I had when I was young came back to life and I began to love my life. At this point, my circumstances hadn't changed, but my perspective had. Suddenly, I was free to be who God designed me to be and get moving forward in health and life. I started on a new journey, climbing the stairs of transition. The view has been amazing every step of the way. I try to make sure I take a break as I move forward to check out the view. Sometimes it's hard but I have a deep seated joy and passion that had not been there before.

I don't know where you're at or what your path looks like, but I do know there is hope. So many of us have lost  and struggled through this past season and have had to make serious life changes. I believe with all my heart we are in a new season. I hope you choose to step into your best life.  Change starts with a decision and telling the "I can't" to take a hike! You can be radically happy, healthy and living a life you love!  If you're stuck, coaching will help you! Your best life is waiting for you. I have information on Coaching here. Take a step forward today and contact me about coaching, You're Worth It!

With Love,

Heather Silva    

Heather Silva Health Coach

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