The Skinny on Dieting

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How many fad diets have you tried? How many worked? I grew up in a house of dieters and I will admit to trying a few myself. The truth is that if you have tried a fad diet and you've maintained a healthy weight since; it worked. If not, it didn't.

I hear often from clients that when they were on the such and such diet, they lost weight. Now it's all come back plus some and they view that diet as a success. I would say, it wasn't and here's why. 

It was one not sustainable for that person. If the process and results were good or better yet, great, they would still be following it. Don't get me wrong, we all go on vacation or have a night out and make poor food choices but that would not become the norm if we were satisfied with our current diet/lifestyle. We might fluctuate a few pounds but that's normal. 

I also hear frequently that a friend or a spouse is on such and such diet and they're looking and feeling fantastic but my client is feeling like poo and is miserable. They can't figure out why and believe they're doing something wrong and need to continue in misery. Um, hellloooooo.....I don't think that's the right one for you. Stop the madness!

Let's get back to the basics. Carbs, protein, fat and you! You are one of a kind. A unique and complex  individual. There is nobody exactly like you on the planet. So why would we think that diet x or diet y is the end all perfect diet for everyone? I know some of you just had an Ah Ha moment. That's right, there is no one size fits all diet. Fad or otherwise. Researched or dreamed up. That's why we have to learn to listen to our bodies, our emotions. One mans golden egg is another mans inflammation or melt down. 

Oh and let's not forget, the infamous eating junk but only half a portion. Nooooooo. That's the people pleasing diet that leads to disease. 

Finding the right balance of carbs, protein and fats for you is the best way. All healthy forms, nothing processed or artificial and minus those inflammatory foods. 

I'm off to enjoy some kombucha.

In love,

Heather Silva



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