Tis The Season

With cold outside temperatures and short days it can be harder to stay on track with our health goals. Winter seems to be a time to snuggle up by the  fire and sip hot cocoa, to curl up with a blanket and get lost in a book and  eat comfort food. Would you agree? After all, bears sleep their way through winter but we continue on with our busy schedules. We often put our self care on the back burner because there's only so much sunlight and time in a winter day.We have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years which mean gifts, parties, family and lots of opportunities to eat poorly. The holidays are not happy family times for many people which means emotions are high.  Here are a few tips to maintain excellent self care and get everything checked off on your To-Do List.

Tip #1- Plan, Plan and Plan. Get out your calendar and list all your committments on it. schedule in personal time, you are a priority. Schedule in meal planning and food prep day. Travel days, shopping time, work, childrens events and everything else you want to do this season. Make lists and check them twice.

Tip #2- Prioritize and be realistic with your time. You can't do it all and it's ok to say no.

Tip #3- Exercise early in the day to make sure it gets done. Try 10-20 minute workouts. They are just as effective, if not more, than spending an hour at the gym.

Tip #4- Use your crock pot, make soup, keep your meals simple. When you make a pot of soup, make extra to freeze.  You can throw a meal in your  crock pot in about 10 minutes and have a healthy dinner ready to enjoy in a few hours. Again, make extra and freeze a few servings. When something comes up, you always have a quick, hot, healthy meal in your freezer.

Tip #5-  If you're buying gifts, figure out your budget and make a list. Purchase your gifts online. It saves lots of time, stress and money.

Tip #6- If this is a season of unhappy family memories and dealing with difficult relatives, practice forgiveness and gratitude. Remember, forgiveness is for you, not them. It's between you and God. Make sure to verbalize at least 3 things you are grateful for each day. This will help relieve depression and anxiety. When you catch yourself dwelling on negative thoughts, say your declarations and pray a prayer of thanksgiving. Set healthy boundaries with those difficult family members and you'll feel great about yourself.

Tip #7- Get the rest you need. 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Getting enough rest is essential for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Tip #8- Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day. Try herbal teas and drink your water at room temp. Remember, alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you.

Tip #9- Be yourself, be good to yourself, and treat yourself this season. Have grace and lots of love for you. Winter is a time to rest and restore.

You're worth it!

With love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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