What Does Your Salad Wear?

Many have asked for some healthy recipes, so here it goes. I was taught to "wing it" when it comes to preparing meals. A pinch of this, a handful of that and  I've become a pro at combining what I have on hand to create something delicious and healthy. Oh, I forgot, simple and quick are my specialties. I'm a no fuss kind of girl and elaborate recipes are saved for when I'm in the mood.
Today, I'm sharing my 2 favorite  salad dressing recipe guidelines with you that will spark your creativity and save you time, energy and money.

Most prepared salad dressings are full of chemicals and sugar. Even the "healthy, organic" brands. They're also pretty pricey. Give these a try and let me know which is your favorite or what you added to make it your own favorite by commenting at the end of the post.

Taco Salad Dressing

1 Avocado

Green or red organic salsa

1 lime

Veganaise, organic mayonnaise, or organic sour cream

Grab a small bowl and mash up the avocado with a fork . Add a spoonful of mayo, veganaise, or sour cream and stir. Squeeze juice of half a lime or all of it if that makes you happy and stir. Add salsa. I add as much salsa that will give me the desire consistency I want. Mix it up and voila. This will be enough for 2 fairly large salads. You can store leftovers for a day or so. You can also add hot sauce, cayenne pepper, jalapeno. Get creative

Basic Great on Any Salad Dressing

Organic Pure Olive Oil


Lemon, Lime or 1/2 an orange

Mince a few cloves of garlic and sprinkle on salad. Drizzle olive oil, ehh, about 1/8 cup. Here's my method. I start in the center of my bowl of salad and drizzle in counter clockwise circles, working my way to the outside of the bowl. That makes it very proportionate for the size bowl. Next squeeze juice of your lemon, lime or orange. Toss salad. This recipe is super easy and healthy. Try adding a little raw, organic honey. You can use fresh grapefruit, or other citrus fruits. Avocado oil, walnut oil, Udos, flax seed oil, all taste great. You can leave out the garlic if you're pressed for time.

That's it. Simple, healthy, inexpensive and yummy. Eating healthy does not have to be difficult or expensive. It should be fun or at least easy.

You're Worth It!

With love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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