Why You Need to Fail Before You Can Succeed

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How many times have you made a plan and wake up a few months later and feel like a huge failure? If I answer this honestly, it's well into the double digits. I've gone around and around the same mountain, ran into the same wall and didn't even realize it until I was faced with the same issue. A fad diet is still a fad diet. It might have a different name, take less time or whatever, but at the end of the month you're still in the same place you were when you quit the last one. You feel like a big fat failure.

What I discovered was that even though I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do, I wasn't doing what I was meant to do. Why? That's a great question!

How about we unpack this together. First off, let's look at failure as a positive rather than a negative. Let's step out of the negative failure box and hop into the land of freedom.

Let's do one more thing, be grateful for all the times we've failed. I know, you probably think I'm a little nutty by now, but just go with it. Think about how crappy you felt after your biggest failure. Not something you really want to think about, is it? Now, be thankful that you failed and feel great about it. 

Failure is a teacher and a good one. If we don't fail, we don't know what doesn't work for us. You can apply that to any area of life. 

When we believe failure is a bad, embarrassing thing, fear sets in. Fear of failure can stop you dead in your tracks. It can be a huge fortress preventing us from moving into success. So when we fail, we get so wrapped up in the negative emotion that we can begin to feel bad about ourselves and spiral down. It can begin to affect our physical, mental and spiritual health.

But now we are looking at failure as a great thing and being thankful for all of our failures. Wow, I feel happier already. How about you?

We are deeply influenced by culture, media, peers, music, etc. We are constantly being told how we should look, what we should feel, what makes us successful. No wonder we're believing the lies we believe.

I want to continue, but I also want to respect your time. With that being said, Let's stop here for today. Take some time and write about your failures and turn them into learning tools, building blocks. Spend this week being grateful for them and learning from them. Cheer yourself on. Congratulations on your failures. That means you're living and on the verge of huge success!

With love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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