You Have My Permission

We wear many hats each and every day. We are parents, spouses, friends, siblings, care givers, employees, employers, volunteers, consumers, etc. With each hat comes responsibilities, expectations and tasks. It's no wonder our health suffers and we end up sick, fat, tired and stressed-out. The most important, the one I left out, and the one that gets an occasional left-over, is you. You're not alone in being busy and running out of time in the day before tending to your own needs and wants. I was there for a very long time. I was taught to say yes when asked and had high expectations placed on me by many people. It took me to a place I don't ever want to go back to. That place of feeling awful, full of anxiety, resentful and a long list of ugly stuff I don't care to mention. It isn't a healthy way to live. So, today, I'm giving you permission to put yourself at the top of your list of priorities. An  "I can't" is unacceptable!

Eating healthy, exercising, taking personal alone time, and time with God every day is NOT a luxury, it's a necessity. These should be top priorities every day. Make a decision today to incorporate these things in your life. Sit down with your calendar and schedule in the time. If you have to cut back on volunteering, do it. You have to make time. You'll be glad you did.

Have a chat with those that you want to know (kids, spouse, etc) what's changing. This isn't an asking, it's a simple "These are the things I'm changing in order to be healthy and I hope you'll support me," conversation. Some will be on board, some will be mad and some will try to manipulate you. That's ok. This is about you being your True You so you have health and life to give away.

If you need help, I encourage you to get into a Coaching program. Support and accountability can be the difference between success and failure. Don't let anyone hold you back, including you, from taking good care of yourself.

I'm also giving you permission today to do something to pamper yourself at least once a month. If you can do it once a week, great. We're not including food here. Get a massage, pedicure or take a long walk in your favorite place, whatever cause you to feel special and pampered. This isn't selfish, it's a priority on your calendar.

You're Worth It!

With Love,

Heather Silva

Heather Silva Health & Wellness Coach

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