Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


A small sample of hair is all we need to determine your personalized....

  • Metabolic Patterns
  • Oxidation Rate
  • Stress & It's Effects
  • Energy Production and Your Glandular System
  • Special Metabolic Patterns
  • Dietary Patterns
  • Nervous System Patterns
  • Organ & System Patterns
  • Electrolyte Patterns
  • Nutrient Mineral Patterns
  • Toxic Metals & Chemicals
  • Detoxification
  • Metabolic Trends
  • Intro to Your Metabolic Diet Type
  • Changing Your Eating Habits
  • Transition Diets
  • Suggestions based on Your Mineral Analysis
  • Info About Foods 
  • Eating Habits
  • Shopping & Food Prep
  • Sample Menus

In our Results & Recommendations Session, I'll spend an hour and a half with you discussing your test results so you have a solid understanding and an in depth D.R.E.S.S protocol that will get you living above the wellness line. You will take home a detailed personalized report and health building recommendations. 



HTMA includes 

  • Session 1-  30 minutes- Take small hair sample and get you started on the basics of D.R.E.S.S

  • Session 2-  1.5 hours- Results & Recommendations- We will go over your results and your personalized protocol 

  • Session 3-  30 minute Coaching Session (Supplements, how & when to use,tailored to you specifically)

  • 2 Email Coaching Sessions

  • In depth intake forms 

  • 10% discount on Supplements

  • A copy of My Transformational Journal

  • Your Lab Test Fees

  • Option to purchase additional Coaching Sessions at a discount


HTMA price $347 (pay in full)

or 2 payments of $177


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